Journey from Seed to Cup

coffee workshops


Designed to kickstart your journey into the world of espresso and specialty coffee. In a supportive and interactive setting, you'll learn the step-by-step process of crafting simple espresso-based beverages. Join us for an engaging and informative experience that will set you on the path to becoming a confident barista.

Core Contents:

  • History of coffee
  • Seed to cup
  • Machine handling
  • Basic calibration
  • Basic latte art
  • Machine maintenance

1 lesson / 4hrs
RM500 per pax / 3 students max 


Designed for experienced baristas and passionate coffee aficionados seeking to elevate their craft. Led by industry-leading experts and coffee professionals, our advanced class pushes the boundaries of your coffee expertise. Explore advanced techniques in espresso extraction, delve into the science behind grind consistency and extraction parameters.

Core Contents:

  • Delve espresso extraction
  • Advanced grind settings
  • Brewing ratio
  • Trouble shooting skills
  • Scientific theory relation

2 lessons / 6hrs + 3hrs
RM900 per pax / 3 students max 

Latte Art(foundation)

Discover the art of latte design in our beginner-friendly class! Led by professional baristas with a passion for precision, Learn the basics of frothing milk, perfecting the pour, and creating classic designs such as hearts and tulips. Join us for an engaging and interactive experience and turn every cup into a canvas.

Core Contents:

  • Introduction of espresso machine
  • Simple coffee menu
  • Differences of pitchers
  • Milk frothing
  • Postures
  • Pouring skills

1 lesson / 2.5hrs 
RM200 per pax / 3 students max

Latte Art(advanced)

Refine your latte art skills to perfection in our Advanced Latte Art Workshop. This intensive course takes you beyond the basics, exploring intricate designs, advanced pouring techniques, and the artistry of free-pour creations. Elevate your latte artistry and master the skills needed to craft visually stunning and complex designs with confidence and precision.

Core Contents:

  • Reinforce foundation skills
  • Refining milk frothing & espresso extraction
  • Advanced pouring technique
  • Complex latte art
  • Etching skills
  • Troubleshooting & critique session
  • Systematic latte art skills development

2 lessons / 2.5hrs per lesson
RM600 per pax / 3 students max

Hand Drip(filter)

Refine your craft in filter coffee brewing through our expert-led workshop. Delve into the intricacies of bean selection, precise grind techniques, and the art of pour-over methods. Elevate your expertise under the guidance of seasoned professionals, mastering the essentials for consistently exceptional filter coffee.

Core Contents: 

  • V60 brewing skills
  • Brewing ratio
  • Brewing coffee with different roasting profiles
  • Sensory skills development
  • Importance of brewing a balance cup
  • Technique & theory of brewing
  • Coffee calibration & critical thinking

3 lessons / 2hrs per lesson
RM600 per pax / 3 students max


Explore the art of coffee roasting in our exclusive Masterclass and immerse yourself in the captivating world of coffee roasting through our expertly crafted masterclass. Whether you're a seasoned barista, a budding coffee enthusiast, or an aspiring roaster, our comprehensive course is designed to elevate your understanding of coffee to new heights.

 Core Contents: 

  • Sourcing & sustainability
  • Business insight
  • Understanding coffee bean profiles
  • Machinery mastery
  • Roast profile customization
  • Relation of roasting & brewing
  • Blending mastery
  • Quality control

3 lessons / 6hrs per lesson
RM4800 with greens inclusive
1 to 1 training 


Hone your sensory skills and heighten your senses with our exclusive Sensory Workshop. This immersive session is designed to refine your ability to discern and appreciate the subtleties of aromas, flavours, and textures. Elevate your sensory awareness and deepen your connection with the finer aspects of the sensory world.

Core Contents: 

  • Sensory analysis & evaluation
  • Relation between sensory & coffee
  • Taste & aroma in coffee
  • Sensory perception & utilization

1 lesson / 2.5hrs
RM200 per pax / 6 students max