Hiddenly based in the industrial neighbourhood of Bandar Sri Damansara, BEAM is a locally owned business that's been in operation for almost a decade. We're not just roasters; we're storytellers, weaving tales of flavour and aroma in every carefully roasted bean. Born from a love for exceptional coffee, we promise to bring you the finest, freshly roasted coffee that reflects our passion for the craft. In BEAM, every cup tells a story of dedication, quality, and the joy of savouring life's simple pleasures. 


In BEAM, we pride ourselves on being partners, not just suppliers, fostering a collaborative journey from bean to cup. We go beyond supplying, aim to build a genuine and trustworthy partnership. Expect more than just coffee beans from us – anticipate a true partnership focused on mutual growth and excellence.


Every bean tells a story, and we aim to consistently showcase the best in each of them. Our roasting process is precise and artistic, focus on highlighting the unique flavour profiles of each bean, from aroma, sweetness, to the body of coffee beans. To achieve consistency, we perform cupping daily, a quality control procedure that ensures superb quality in every batch of coffee beans. 


At BEAM, our story begins with the essence of coffee itself: green beans. We start our journey at the source, meticulously selecting the finest raw coffee beans from renowned regions worldwide. These unroasted gems embody the potential for an extraordinary coffee experience. Our commitment to quality starts with these green beans, carefully chosen for their purity, unique flavours, and the promise they hold.


As we mentioned, we strive to be more than just your supplier. Our commitment extends beyond exceptional coffee. In BEAM, we provide services such as consultation, practice and workflows, barista and crew training, and supply. Besides, with years of experience in the industry, we’ve collected a huge and strong database of “Malaysians’ favourites” which helps you understand your customers’ preferences better. 


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