Have you ever doubted all the tasting notes written on the Coffee Bean Packaging? Why is there Floral and Tropical Fruits Notes on the label? This Coffee Sensory Workshop is designed for coffeeholics to have a deeper experience in appreciating coffee flavors and also to familiarize with your own sensory organs. Become someone who could tell the different distinctive notes of coffee too!

Core content:

  • What is Sensory Analysis and Evaluation?
  • Why is Sensory Analysis important in Coffee?
  • Tastes and Aromas in coffee.
  • Sensory Organs and How to Use Them Correctly.
  • Easy & Systematic System to ensure Efficient Learning.

Fee: RM250 / Student
Lesson: 1 Lesson
Duration: 2.5 Hours / Lesson
Class Size: Maximum 6 students per class

Fun and Leisure Coffee Training for Corporates are also available, contact us for more information!

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