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CAFEDE KONA Balance Cone

A good cup of coffee is not only about the coffee itself, but also about choosing the right extraction system. In order to make a smooth and balance cup of coffee, we began to study various extraction systems. It was observed that V-shaped(conical) filter cups were more commonly used in the market, while the use of cake filter cups was relatively small. In fact, the flat bottom structure of the cake filter cup cake make the distribution of coffee powder layer thinner and more uniform, Increase the contact area of the powder and water, make the soluble taste substances dissolved more fully, and make it easier to extrac00t, especially the sweet substances, thus improving the overall sense of balance and smoothness. Moreover to allow more people to experiences this extraction system, our team developed a device that can make the widely promoted cone-shaped filter cup compatible with cake filter paper appliance on the market - the balance cone.
  • CAFEDE KONA balance cone
Details Brand: Cafede Kona Model: CK5223 Material: Ceramic Colour: White  

CAFEDE KONA Double Stainless Steel Filter

Double Layered Filter, Reusable and Permanent Coffee Cone Dripper.
Key Features
  • BUILT TO LAST: An attractive, high-quality piece made of stainless steel. Dual mesh reusable stainless steel coffee filter design made to last a lifetime for godlike hand drip pour over coffee.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Rinse under water after use, then let it dry. Repeat. Cleaning has never been easier.
  • BETTER TASTING COFFEE: The metal coffee filter has a dual filtration system, with a high quality stainless steel mesh on the inside, and a laser-cut filter on the inside.
  • The dual filter technology ensures that the most essential coffee oils and nutrients pass through to your coffee, while preventing any grounds from getting into your cup. 
  • CAFEDE KONA Double Stainless Steel Filter
Details Material: Stainless Steel Color: Stainless Steel Size: about 12cm*8cm*3cm

CAFEDE KONA Sieving Device

Key Features
  • Stylish designed that uses wooden cover
  • Made by food grade stainless steel
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Complete filtering out every fine powder that affect the taste of your coffee
  • Overcome the problem of inconsistency of coffee grinder
  • Non-slippery base designed
  • Nice polishing surface
  • CAFEDE KONA Sieving Device
Details Brand: Cafede Kona Model: CK9129 Material: 304 stainless steel (body) & padauk (cover) Dimension: Length 7cm Height 11cm Colour: Silver

CAFEDE KONA Thermometer

Key Features
  • Fast and instant digital reading
  • LCD display screen
  • Temperature Range: -45°C~200°C
  • CAFEDE KONA Thermometer
Battery not included. Battery Type/Code: L1154F/ LR44 / AG13