Doesn’t it feel good when you pour a perfect cup of Latte? Our specially designed Latte Art Workshop is for Latte Art beginners and experts to further develop your skills to a superb level! Highly focused and detailed guidance with 80% hands on experience for you to pour a perfect cup anywhere!

Core content:

  • Espresso Extraction for Latte Art.
  • The correct way of Milk Frothing.
  • Posture and Cup Holding Skills.
  • How Pitchers affect pouring skills.
  • Contrast, Size & Position.
  • Pouring Skills.
  • Etching Skills.

Fee: RM250 / Student
Lesson: 1 Lesson
Duration: 2.5 Hours / Lesson
Class Size: Maximum 3 students per class

Fun and Leisure Coffee Training for Corporate is also available, contact us for more information!

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