Superb experience for filter coffee lovers! Different V60 brewing methods varying from eastern to western approach will be introduced during the class. This specially designed training for coffee enthusiast will journey through diverse and comprehensive brewing methods & life changing coffee sensory experiences!

Core content:

  • Hario V60 Dripping and Brewing Skill.
  • Secret to Correct Brew Ration.
  • Brewing of Coffee from Different Roasting Profiles.
  • Sensory Skill Development.
  • Importance of Producing a Balance Cup.
  • Technique & Theory of Brewing.
  • Coffee Calibration and Critical Thinking.
  • Tasting of Coffee from various Single Origin.

Fee:     RM600 / Student
Lesson: 3 Lessons
Duration: 2 Hours / Lesson
Class Size: Maximum 3 students per class

Fun and Leisure Coffee Training for Corporates are also available, contact us for more information!

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