Dream to become a Superb Home Barista or Café Barista? Our Barista Class is specially designed for coffee lovers who wish to work behind the bar! This focus and effective training will cover 80% hands on experience with an objective to sail you to the dream of becoming a skillful Barista. Throughout this intensive class, students will be able to learn:

  • The Journey from Seed to Cup.
  • Introduction to Coffee Knowledge.
  • Detail introduction to Espresso Machine and Grinder.
  • Dosing, Distribution, Tamping and Espresso Dialing Techniques.
  • Best Practice and Correct Gesture for Making Coffee.
  • Definition and Sensory Training for Espresso.
  • Sensory Skill Development.
  • Correct Espresso Extraction.
  • Identification and Adjustment of Under Extract and Over Extract Coffee.
  • Coffee Calibration and Critical Thinking.
  • Milk Texturing and Latte Art.
  • Recipes of Coffee Menus.

Barista Basic for Beginners

Fee: RM500 / Student
Lesson: 1 Lesson
Duration: 4 Hours / Lesson
Class Size: Maximum 3 students per class

Barista Advance for Intensive Learning

Fee: RM900 / Student
Lesson: 2 Lessons
Duration: 6 Hours + 3 Hours
Class Size: Maximum 3 students per class

Fun and Leisure Coffee Training for Corporates are also available, contact us for more information!

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